Mariana Trench - Deepest trench in the World. Mysteries of the Mariana Trench (Challenger Deep).

The Mariana Trench is deepest part on the Earth from known for today, there is in the west of the Pacific Ocean near the Marianas Islands. According to measurements of 2011, its depth is 10 994 ± 40 m below sea level.
Coordinates: The deepest point of the Mariana Trench - "Challenger Abyss" (eng. Challenger Deep). It is located in the southwestern part of the basin, 340 km south-west of the island of Guam (point coordinates: 11 ° 22 'with. Sh. 142 ° 35'. D. (G) (O)).

The first studies of the Mariana Trench was researched by Britain ship “Challenger” in 1875, but the first who has found lives at a depth of 6000 meters was Russian reasechers on board the ship "Vityaz" in 1957.
The fisrt deep diving in the world is the bathyscaphe "Century of Progress" in 1934 with the Americans on board William Beebe and O. Barton dived to a record for that time, depth - 923 meters.
In 1953, Auguste Piccard in the bathyscaphe dived "Trieste" to a depth of 3154 meters it was the maximum depth on which the device was able to dive before purchase it in 1958, the US Navy and was remade in Germany for 2 years the device that can dive to a depth of 11 kilometers ?! Impossible?!
Whereupon, January 23, 1960 oceanographer Jacques Piccard and engineer Don Walsh together with the US Air Force lieutenant for the first time dropped to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
Besides that Jacques Picard managed to deep to a depth of 11 km. More in 1960 year. The only thing that can be said here, how much stepped equipment for 2 years, incredible craftsmen.
Yet it all happened in the era of the United States crushing victories in the field of man-made, such as flying to the moon took place in the 60s, though, and the first man on the moon has appeared in 69 year, and the flight was planned on September 61, ie, they wanted to do everything at once and almost one year.
Although until now, officially known devices involved in a real dive and rescue operations, even in the shooting of Hollywood movies and shooting "National Geographic" film, companies took only deep-water devices "Mir", belonging to Russia, which have a formal limit of immersion depth of 6500 meters. As we see it's not enough to deep on the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The devices were developed since 1980 Russian and Finnish scientists, maragenovaya steel (cobalt, nickel, chromium, titanium) was taken as a basis for the case. They were able to get a deep-sea device only in 1987, but this device can not dive below 7,000 meters.
By the way all dives on the bottom of the Mariana Trench have never been formal and little spread because it was controlled by US Navy and under the camera of the initiators these dives.
Including also the little lit dive of James Cameron (Hollywood director), who was allegedly alone sank to the bottom of the Mariana Trench March 26, 2012 on the bathyscaphe "Deepsea Challenger", which has been developed in Australia and has been strictly classified, even the title of the submarine was not disclosed until dive. Recall, who supported last dive project are American National Company "National Geographic" and Swiss company "Rolex". Explain nothing need for knowledgeable.
Another strange moment for today little is known about any submersibles devices descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, although the drawings and the devices themselves can be seen, for example, the bathyscaphe "Trieste" - it is a museum piece.
But on the bathyscaphe "Mir-1" and "Mir-2" and the actual dives knows everything, including the well-known official video. These piloted vehicles owned research vessel "Akademik Mstislav Keldysh".
Here are some quotes that speak about politic of this project, we recall that after the creation of the Worlds Finnish company was closed.
"Under pressure from the CIA and the Pentagon Rauma-Repola was forced to abandon the creation of a promising deep-sea vehicles and marine technology development. Such devices are needed in the construction and maintenance of oil platforms. One of abandoned projects was the development of fuel cells. The company Rauma-Repola refused to producing oil platforms and now mainly engaged in wood processing. Rauma-Repola was then the sixth-largest concern in Finland and employed 18,000 people. Now her business in the field of metal continues to concern Metso. "
“Reputation of the company as a manufacturer of “Worlds " and now on the top. According to Tauno Matomyaki international concerns are interested in submersibles devices are capable of diving to 12,000 meters, and it is technically possible. Such a device is technically possible, politically is not. It can be purchased, but difficult to sell - the United States after a failure with the "Worlds" carefully watching this area, and all US deepwater devices belong to the military authorities."
Based upon these quotes it's clear, that any approach to deep-sea reseach is fraunght for any companies not acceptable to the United States. Therefore, the conclusion of diving to the bottom of the Mariana Trench can be drawn further from ambiguous. 
Also there were not piloted dives, which were initiated by Japan and the United States.
March 24, 1995 has been lowered to the bottom of the probe "Kaiko" (Japan)
May 31, 2009 automatic underwater vehicle dived to the bottom of the "Nereus" (USA), by the way it did all the official photos and video from the bottom of the depression and took soil samples. 

The last diving to the depth of 9977 meters held on May 9, 2014 it ended sadly automatic underwater vehicle "Nereus" (USA), who made a successful dive at a greater depth in 2009 it exploded shortly after diving near the coast of New Zealand's Kermadec Trench.
Strange that seeing how much is dangerous and nearly impossible to work of pilots at such a depth, before they succeeded it.

The quote of scientific community USA about what's happened:  
“ The Loss of the device has become for the scientific community USA, because the device was the only one of its kind. For comparison, the bathyscaphe DeepSea Challenger, owned by film director James Cameron (James Cameron), is able to dive to a depth of 10 thousand meters, but it can not realize a dive so frequently as required for the reseach."
The application of the scientific community does not comply with reality, according to "National Geographic" bathyscaphe "DeepSea Challenger" before diving into the trench Challenger made 4 trial dives almost in a row one of them at a depth of to 8 km (By the way according to the research group allegedly device is not reached on the bottom at 8 km diving because out of order a lot of devices that they were able to recover in a few days to add in on one line of code). The question arises who to believe some say that he can not dive often, and others report that it is even can. And also interesting fact before Cameron's dive to the bottom died 2 Developer bathyscaphe.
From this can conclude the director dived a critical depth, risking his life it is not clear for what. If you could simply down the device would not be changed without a pilot and dive value from it, and that has proven immersion "Nereus" in 2009, when it was the second dive that ended sadly. If  Cameron bathyscaphe is so vulnerable how it could dive a man without risk? If already a subsequent immersion  is impossible, then the bathyscaphe was already on the brink of safety. It should be noted that Cameron is really obsessed man and his stubbornness  leaves no doubt.

Immediately after his return from the next single voyage (Chile - Australia) - 01/06/2014 Fyodor Konyukhov said that he was ready to go down on the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and spend a few days. The words of Theodore during the last trip, when he swam over the deepest place in the southern hemisphere trough Tongo:
“By the way, yesterday crossed the Tonga Trench - the deepest place in the South Pacific. Under the bottom was more 10 km ocean water. It captures the spirit of this magnitude! Not so long ago, I dived into the ocean to clean water intake desalination system from algae. Then, the depth was twice as little but looked down, I felt a thrill. Under my feet was stretched completely empty, infinite black abyss. That's where the really feel all my insignificance! When you look down there, in the soul itself rises fear. At that moment I suddenly realized that in the ocean and in life it is always better to look ahead than back. One more lesson from the Lord ... "

This is one more confirmation of the fact that there were no dives in the Mariana Trench was not, the best minds have been struggling for decades to break through the level of depth at first 5 km, then 6 km (by the way, Cameron invited Mira shoot in Titanic, on that moment their maximum depth diving was only 6k/m not more), nowadays, as you can see from the article could dive of a little more than 6 km and so much time has passed, 17 years. You know how difficult it is given the technological breakthrough. 


An ambiguous immersion Cameron. National Geographic film "Journey to the Center of the Earth or the Great Lie of the director."

 There is the kind of film we deliberately removed from the article as the falsity of this video has no limit, but people well believe it. Besides that there is almost no real picture from the bottom, the video shows mainly in the director himself, also all these people brazenly decided to laugh and show his wife call of the director to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Well this is the same at all behind a side, as besides that it violates safety regulations, in what state should always be a person to talk quietly with his wife at the same time even able to joke. Another indirect proof that Cameron did not down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench is the fact that he was not able to take samples of soil and water from the bottom, allegedly hydraulics  refused. The obvious attraction to shooting a blockbuster does not leave him for a second, he didn't resist and this time, it was necessary to make a film about the Hero of reality, it's not Hollywood films, but only this time in the lead role is not Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the director himself .

Here is a theatrical dive by Rolex in 1960

A piloted dive to such depth of today is impossible and in this video by Rolex shows that 2 voluntters were able to do it in 1960, I recall that before the bathyscaphe "Trieste" maximally able to dive to the level of 3154 meters and then a miracle in 2 years, they decided to go down into the abyss of almost 11 km.

In film which below you hear your own ears, what American researchers say that up to the present time the depth is unconquered by man.
This really is not adequate people don't dive to such  a depth of pilots, but only the device that is checked  for a few years before the dive.
In fact, basically all is silent about the actual dive to great depths as most of them do not ends with the disappearance of underwater not piloted vehicles .
In this film you can see shooting of animals living at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and some fragments of the bottom of the Mariana Trench.




research vessel "Vityaz"


Bathyscaphe "Trieste"


Bathyscaphe "Trieste"


Bathyscaphe "Kaiko"


Bathyscaphe "Nereus" before the best dive into the Mariana Trench in 2009 May 31



Bathyscaphe "Nereus" last dive May 9, 2014 New Zealand Trench Kermadec, last dive, not because it has not dived yet, but because the deep descent (of course not manned) machine disappeared in the abyss Kerbedek (this is in the north-east of New Zealand ), at a depth of 9977 m (it is near the bottom of the Kerbedek Trench) communication with the machine was broken, and the ropes on which it down was simply broken. And it was the only one of its kind, the value of this unit amounted to 8 million. $. Trial dives at shallow depths the device made almost every year, and deep -water device only once 4-5 years. It should be noted the connection was lost suddenly operator just saw that on the monitor image disappeared, control was lost. Researchers set sail to a safe distance and waited for the ascent vehicle. Yes, indeed fragments of apparatus surfaced, but only the next day. Assumptions are many, but the basic version, as always, the usual breakdown - pressure in the ocean depth.

"Nereus" is owned by WHOI (Oceanographic Institute, Woods Nola). Let me recall you that this is the only device which has visited as said at the bottom of the Mariana Trench and presented at this scientific evidence for a stay at the bottom, including photos and video (the video is present in the article) materials.
This device is considered by many oceanographers was the only one of its kind, as if alluding to, but not saying out loud that no one device is actually could not dive to such depths.

Cameron reclama Rolex until Dive

Cameron before the dive into the Mariana Trench, advertising Rolex with allegedly the first man who visited  on the depth of cavity.
A strange feeling that before such a serious matter, the dive which in 50%  almost will fail, as showed and said unofficial statistics deep diving.
The person who is going to make it, advertises watches. Even the word "nonsense" and is a stretch.

DeepSea Challenger

Batiskaf Cameron's DeepSea Challenger

Kaiko on bottom marian trench

probe "Kaiko", left at the bottom of the depression  evidence of his stay.


deep-water manned vehicles "Mir-1"

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